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Bear Progress Update

posted Mar 13, 2015, 9:20 AM by Bear Leader Pack 221   [ updated Mar 13, 2015, 9:23 AM ]

Hi Everyone,

Here is a status report of our current plan for achieving the Bear rank for the boys.  There are 2 topics.  1. Bear Rank.  2. Calendar.  Also, there is a list of action items I need from the families at the end of the posting.  

1. Bear Rank (Badge)


As a plan, we are one Achievement away from the Bear rank.   If your son attended every den meeting and completed the homework, including Achievements 1 and 10, they will complete the Bear rank after our Achievement 5 meeting in April.     I will be emailing your son’s progress report.   Please let me know if you have any updates on incomplete items.    

This is the list of all the Achievements your son needs completed for the Bear Rank.  Achievement 5 is the only one we have not offered in den meetings.

Section 1 - God  

   - Do either Achievement 1 or 2 at home

Section 2 - Country (3)

   -Bear Achievement 3 – What Makes America Special? 

   -Bear Achievement 4 – Tall Tales

-Bear Achievement 5 – Sharing Your World with Wildlife (4-11-15)

Section 3 - Family (4)

   -Bear Achievement 9 – What's Cooking

   -Bear Achievement 10 – Family Fun @ HOME

   -Bear Achievement 11 – Be Ready

   -Bear Achievement 13 – Saving Well, Spending Well

Section 4 - Self (4)

   -Bear Achievement 14 – Ride Right

   -Bear Achievement 16 – Building Muscles

   -Bear Achievement 19 – Shavings and Chips 

   -Bear Achievement 22 – Tying It All Up

2. Our Calendar


I had to move out the Salato meeting to April 11th because of the change to the District Pinewood Derby.  It conflicted with the original date in March.   Below is the current calendar.  

Monday we will be working on a project in the den meeting and learning a skit for our Pack meeting on the 23rd.


16th - 20 – Sawdust and Nails (Lubbe) - Tools

23rd - Pack Meeting

30th - Spring Break (No meetings)


6th - Den Meeting (Model Rockets)

11th -Salato Wildlife Center (Achievement 5)

13th - Planning Meeting 

20th - Den Meeting (ideas)

27th - Pack Meeting



1. Look over the email with your sons progress towards the bear rank.  Let me know what updates you have, and bring any questions to Monday’s meeting.

2. Consider a position to help our sons and the pack.   Everyone in the pack is a volunteer.  The more parents engaged, the more activities we can do, and the more we can distribute the work needed to make our pack great.   There are positions from Assistant Cub Master, Committee Members, Den Leaders, to event coordinators like pinewood derby, blue & gold, and more.  

     I am happy to talk with you and how you can help our pack continue it success.   

See you Monday.